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Included in our service:

 Sales targeting
 Point Of Sale material
 Sale or return
 Brand advertising
 Bar coded products
 Audited labels
 Analysed product testing
 Daily delivery notes
 Monthly accounts
 Excellent profit margins
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The Sandwich Co.

Fine ingredients, passionate people & our commitment to good service are the reasons why we are one of the fastest growing sandwich companies in the midlands.

Real food, hand made, is what makes our products stand out from the rest, we, unlike our competitors use real meat sliced in house, we only use 100% chicken breast.Image of an array of freshly made sandwichesWe mix our own fillings & even chop our own eggs to make them chunky.From the buttering to the packaging, our sandwiches are made by hand, the way they should be, to ensure our products have the homemade taste that people want.

Don’t just take our word for it!

We are so confident about our product sales we will happily place our products alongside any competitor in your fridge and let your customers decide!

We offer a vast range of products including filled baps, sandwich wedges, wraps, bagels, salad & pasta boxes, baguettes, cous cous, noodles, samosas, soft batons and more.

Plateful of taste tantalising wraps

Our three different product ranges give your customers huge choice from our posh “Brailsford Shore” range to our standard “The Larder” range. We even have a budget range “Bite Time” to ensure variety across all price points to entice every customer.